Case studies

Our case studies speak for themselves, showing that our experience will help you provide your users with real value. Browse a selection of the projects we have rolled out globally or locally for the automotive, e-commerce, finance and insurance and real estate and other sectors.

Managing fleet sales (and more)

Mobile, IOT, System integration

Online financing. Digital solutions for the automotive industry

Development, System integration

The proprietary, comprehensive, Life Insurance Contract Sales System from MakoLab

Development, System integration

Offer Manager platform on the Azure cloud

Web, Development, System integration

Data processing and offer formulation in the AWS Cloud

Data, Development, System integration, Cloud

Insurance e-commerce platform for Gjensidige Baltics

System integration, Generic solution, IOT

Data collection and transfer during a journey

Mobile, Data, IOT

A CMS for Renault & Dacia websites, running in 90 countries of the world

System integration, Generic solution, IOT

Vehicle purchase with an online financing solution

Mobile, System integration, IoT

My Renault. Everything an owner needs to know about their car. At their fingertips!

Mobile, IOT, System integration

Handling vehicle damage claims

Machine learning, Data

Door Bell. Connect with your home straight from your car.

Mobile, IOT, System integration

Connected Vehicle

Mobile, IOT, System integration

A showcase website for the leading ceramic and stoneware tile brand

Mobile, UX, System integration

A web application for managing lighting

Web, IOT, System integration

A state-of-the-art website for a top retail supply company

Web, UX, SEO